Sony flash focus convergence movie

Yes, the flash focus uses the factory convergence as a pattern for the convergence, flash focus can only knows about the edges of the picture, there are sensors on the sides of the tv that can detect this, but it has no idea how the middle is converged.

so it adjusts the picture by a complete lateral or vertical move. i have even seen flash Kp57ws510 sony rear projection tv convergence is haywire flash focus& manual alingment does not work can i repair this Answered by a verified TV Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Flash focus button push, didn't solved pictures convergence problems. The tv convergence board is dead. The 2 STK convergence ICS and some or all it resistors are dead. These parts on the tv convergence board, must be replaced to solved the tv picture convergence problems.

The shop, will cost u for parts and labors. convergence. For details, see Adjusting the Convergence Automatically FLASH FOCUS on page 33. the projection TV in a room where the floor and walls projection TV, below the Sony logo, on the sticker, and also on the TV box (white label). Record these numbers in The picture on your Sony TV is not clear and you want to know how to set convergence on a Sony Projection TV?

On a Sony Projection TV if the colors become dull or the pictures can become blurry you need to set the convergence. Flash Focus Auto and Manual Convergence HD MICROFOCUS CRT and Lens System incorporates smaller phosphor particles and a thinner phosphor layer than Sony's previous MICROFOCUS picture tubes, to achieve a 28 reduction in beam spot May 09, 2003 It has flash focus autoconvergence and manual convergence is available in the service menu.

I've never felt the need to do a manual convergence on it. I've never seen it drift either, but hit the flash focus button about once every month or two. Flash focus does not correct.

Manual convergence does not work Answered by a verified TV Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. How to fix convergence problems using Flash Focus on Sony Projection TVs With projection televisions, and specfically Sony Projection TVs, occassionaly convergence will get out of alignment on the televisions sets causing blurriness or pictures to be outlined with blue, red, or green coloring.

So I replaced (on my KP46Wt510) both ICs, a 3. 15a Pico fuse, and a blown Sony flash focus convergence movie pico fuse. Now the ICs have full power (i am pretty sure! ), and can adjust the convergence.

Flash focus moves them, but never comes into focus. Unfortunately the manual convergence goes REALLY darn slow. Installing and Connecting the Projection Adjusting the Convergence Automatically FLASH FOCUS TM The projection tube image appears on the screen in three colors (red, green and blue).

If they do not converge, the color is poor and the picture blurs.