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Sila login ke laman eFiling dan pilih menu 'Terlupa Kata Laluan' untuk mendaftar 'Kata Laluan' baru. Sila klik di sini. Klik pautan untuk eFiling. PENAFIAN: Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang kehilangan atau kerosakan yang dialami kerana menggunakan maklumat dalam laman ini. Dasar Privasi. KUALA LUMPUR: The deadline for individuals to file their tax returns via efiling has been extended to May 15.

The Inland Revenue Board (IRB), on its Facebook page, said the extension is only for the BE forms filed via efiling system. Ah that time of the year comes again! That time of taxes! Here we help clueless employees navigate Malaysia's LHDN eFiling!

Ah that time of the year comes again! LHDN eFiling Guide For Clueless Employees WOBB. Joseph (unless the Government gives an extension of deadline) to pay your taxes. Remember to save From my friends at iMoney, heres the ultimate stepbystep guide on how to file your taxes in Malaysia using efiling.

Taxpayers (who do not derive income from any business) using the efiling system now have until 15th May 2016 (extended deadline) to submit their income tax returns. The time to submit income tax Malaysia for year of assessment 2011 is just around the corner. For those taxpayers who had submitted their income tax through eFiling system in 2011 will find that online submission via efilling system is easier and faster than manual keying like previously.

See more of Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia on Facebook. Log In. or. April 13, 2012 May 15 deadline for filing tax returns online By AKIL YUNUS [email protected] com. my 0 comments. QUICK AND EASY: Efilers will get back excess payments within 30 days.

To all employers, just a friendly reminder that the deadline for filing of the Employers Return of Remuneration (Form E 2012) is almost here. The deadline for its filing is this 31 March 2013. Failure to submit the Form E is an offence and is liable to a fine of between RM200.

00 to RM2, 000. 00 or to imprisonment of not more than 6 months or He added as of Thursday, the IRB had received a total of 1. 78 million BE forms through efiling, as compared to 1. 68 million forms during The deadline for filing income tax returns is 30 April 2013. That's really soon. Your parents are sending you reminders and the coming elections is robbing you of the urgency. A simple stepbystep guide on how to file for your yearly income tax using the Malaysia Personal Income Tax Guide on SaveMoney.

my. savemoney. my To The above is just a portion of many more deadlines for each and every businessmanwomen to remember. Please give us a call and let our specialized and professional team to handle it for you so you can leave your brain more space and concentrating for the growth of your business. Prosedur ini tidak terpakai kepada pembayar cukai yang membuat eFiling melalui Ejen Cukai. FRASA KESELAMATAN Mulai 27 Februari 2017, LHDNM akan meningkatkan keselamatan laman sesawang ezHASiL dengan memperkenalkan frasa keselamatan.

All you need to care about to begin filing your tax is clicking on eForm which is under eFiling. Once you click on eForm, youll see a list of income tax forms. For individuals with no business income, make sure to choose Income Tax Form BE (eBE) and choose the assessment year 2016.

Seingat aku laaaa, pada tahun 2005 Kerajaan Malaysia melalui IRB (LHDN) telah memulakan sistem eFiling bagi orang ramai utk menghantar borang Cukai Pendapatan secara online. Pada masa tu aku dah jadi seorang pembayar cukai.

Filing your tax through eFiling also gives you more time to file your taxes, as opposed to the traditional method of filing, where the deadline is usually on April 30. Advertisement If this is your first time filing your tax through eFiling, dont worry, weve got your back with this handy guide on eFiling. eFiling For 2016 Year Assessment 1. Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) would like to inform that the submission of 3.

eFiling and mFiling are FREE applications provided by IRBM which allow taxpayers The deadline for manual ITRF submission for Year of Assessment 2015 for E, BE, B, BT, P, M,