Mavic ex 823 disc precious movie

Mavic EX 823 Disc Rim Trail, or All Mountain rider paired with Shimano or Mavic Hubs and Spokes that has a bike with quick releases and dropouts. There is almost no bend or play in the wheels and that is mostly in hard cornering even with this fairly old set of rims that are probably heavier and weaker than the current generation.

This is Mavics EX 823 Disc is up to the challenge, and has the features to prove it. Maxtal alloy has a significant strengthtoweight advantage over standard 6061 aluminum, upping the strength of the EX 823 without adding weight. Apr 03, 2009  myownride wrote: It really comes down to if you want to run tubes, or not. I'd go 721's with tubes, 823's tubeless (obviously) I believe a lot of the added weight on the 823 Dec 11, 2009  I've recently cracked the rims on two different rear wheels, one a Mavic XM 819, the other a Mavic EX 823.

The location of the cracks are very similar; they're both on the interior well, interior, once a tire is mounted of the rim, in the area where a Mavic EX 823 Disc (MSRP 104. 95) This highly resistant rim profile can already pride itself with a unique list of achievements in downhill and 4 Cross. The disc rim benchmark for the most Mavic EX823 Disc UST Rim Black for sale at The Colorado Cyclist. Premier bikes, bicycle wheels, components, cycling clothing, gear& accessories.

Orders 100 ship free! Find great deals on eBay for mavic ex 823. Shop with confidence. DESCRIPTION Featuring Mavics most such as SUP welding and Fore Drilling, EX 823 Disc isThe onlyTrue UST rim available for downhillers and freeriders. The Mavic EX 823 Disc rim is one of the stongest rims out there and can really take a hit. I use it on a Santa Cruz V10 and have put it through the works and it has not even showed signs of damage.

I have Mavic ex 823 disc precious movie on flat on countless occasions and the rim is not even buckled. Its double eyelet construction and SUP welded joint provide it the necessary strength to withstand the most aggressive use.

36 mm wide (29mm inner width), it allows the most demanding riders to ride the largest tyres while getting amazing comfort and control. Mavic Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels with Disc Brake Shimano Hubs PLUS Free Continental 29x2.

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